C O N T R O L R O O M  E2

Is equipped with a VINTAGE CALREC 16MXK42 Console. This board sounds amazing, Neve-like tone but with a little more clarity in the bottom end. Featuring the early PQ 10-421 mic pre/eqs it's smoother and not as aggressive sounding as the Calrec 1161s or an API. Lovely, musical EQ and Penny & Giles faders. CIRCA 1972.

Stereo monitoring is taken care of by Genelec and Avatone speakers. You can Track and mix on Pro Tools HD3 24 I/O recording and editing system. And if you love that tape sound you can run your mixes through a Studer A820 master recorder. Outboard gear is impressive with vintage equipment from the likes of EMT, Urei, Drawmer, Lexicon, Echoplex etc. E2 also has it`s own Booth for overdub`s etc.

See Equipment list for details.