Dan Tigerstedt

Mixer, sound engineer, music producer.

Danu Tigerstedt was born 1954 in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. As a youngster he became interested in the world of sound and recording. In 1975 he was one of the founding members of "Parkville" a recording studio in Puistola. Most significant recording of that era that he was involved in must have been Urpo's (Upi Sorvali) hit "Teryleeniä". Also thirty other albums were made in that small house in Puistola. Studio soon got too small for business, so after a thorough search period a 150 m2 facility was found in Mellunmäki shopping mall. Birdland Studio was born. There too, Danu made about 30 albums, including "Jailbird" by Hurriganes.

At the same time (1976-78) Musiikki-Fazer built a legendary, expensive "Takomo"- studio to Pitäjänmäki. Danu was hired to Takomo as a recorder. During 1980-1989 he recorded and mixed and partly produced about 200 albums. E.g. Dingo's three albums from their golden era (84-86) are all Danu's works. When Takomo quit the business, Danu went to Denmark for a year. After that he joined Finnvox-studios where he has made about 250 albums to the day. Since 2012 Danu has made several sound engineerings and recordings in E-Studio e.g. with UMO and Dave Lindholm.

Hence, over 500 finnish album & cd covers mention Dan Tigerstedt as a mixer, sound engineer and sometimes as a producer.