Janne Haavisto

A drummer, music producer, mixer and a sound engineer.

Janne Haavisto was born 1964 in Espoo and has worked a musician, producer, mixer and a sound engineer since 1980`s. Janne's career as a musician was kickstarted as he joined in to play drums in J. Karjalainen's band Mustat Lasit. He played drums throughout the whole 80's. In the 90's he also began to venture the world of music production, starting the career with Laika & The Cosmonauts' album C'mon Do The Laika! It was the first glimpse of his multitalented professional profile as a producer, musician, composer, arranger, mixer and a sound engineer. As a producer Janne made his way to the top along with the great and highly successful albums: J. Karjalainen's "Tähtilampun Alla" and "Villejä Lupiineja". Janne's career is noteworthy, including 150 albums of which many are gold, platinum and double platinum sellers. He's also been granted an Emma-award for sound production. Janne's works as a producer in E-Studio include e.g. "Et Ole Yksin" by J. Karjalainen, "Paratiisin Puutarha" by Tuomari Nurmio and "Kallio" by Dalindeo.