E-Studio is one of Finland’s leading recording studios located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.

It was first founded as Soundtrack studios in 1975, when an old movie theatre was converted to a 320 m2 recording studio.

The name was changed to E-Studio in 2010 as The studio underwent a complete revamp including the renovation of its legendary live room and updating of all the studio equipment.

Client list

Apocalyptica, Bando, Bohemia
Irina Björklund, Chariots, Dalindeo
Disco Ensemble, Dumari ja Spuget
Samuli Edelmann, ELK
Eternal Erection, Frigg
Johanna Försti, Haloo Helsinki
Hidria Spacefolk, Pedro Hietanen
Ikuinen Vaiva, Suvi Isotalo
Jaakko & Jay
Jukka Poika, J.Karjalainen
Aki Kaurismäki, Mikki Kauste
Angelika Klas & Tanguedia Quinted
Eero Koivistoinen, Samae Koskinen
Juha Kujanpää, K-X-P
Nils Landgren, Samuli Laiho
Risto Lauriala, LCMDF
Leri Leskinen, Calle Lindholm
Dave Lindholm, Lindström Invest
Vesa-Matti Loiri, Janne Mertanen
Minä ja Ville Ahonen, Mokoma
Petri Munck, Nouvelle Vague
M.A. Numminen, Tuomari Nurmio
Hanna Pakarinen, Paradise Oskar
Paukkumaissi, Phoenix Effect
Lenny Pickett, Kimmo Pohjonen
Verneri Pohjola, Lauri Porra
Magnum Coltrane Price
Pronssinen Pokaali, Raptori
Rock Ola, Rovio entertainment LTD
Rubber, Rölli Soundtrack
Röyhkä & Mattila, Heikki Salo, Selja
Sielun Veljet, Laura Sippola
Soukous Hotel, The Souls
The Spyro, Teddy and the Tigers
Teleks, Suvi Teräsniska
Tie Pohjoiseen Soundtrack ( karavaani)
Viktoria Tolstoy, Torsten, Turisas
Lauri Tähkä, UMO, Heikki Valpola
Elina Vettenranta, Kristiina Wheeler
Wings fall down, Arttu Wiskari

History of the studio

It all begun in 1975 when the premises of the old movie theatre Bio Rei were entirely refurbished to a recording studio comprising two monitoring rooms and two recording rooms.

The contractor Discophone record label named the place Soundtrack Studios.

In comparison to the traditional design of the time, the distinguishing feature of Soundtrack Studio was the great hall with resounding acoustics. This proved to be the indispensable choice as the sound of the hall is today considered legendary. It is not only the sound that is widely recognized, but also the long list of well-known and distinguished artists and songs recorded in the studio that have rendered the studio all the more legendary. With the years, a line of Finnish top artists and bands have visited the studio - from Sielun Veljet to Leevi and the Leavings and Teddy and the Tigers to Tuomari Nurmio - to name a few.

(A comprehensive list of the Soundtrack-artists can be found in here.)

The end of the 80’s and the 90’s marked a transition period to digital sound in recording studios. Soundtrack greatly contributed to this development, with the unit of digital sound editing led by Robi Godzinsky being most likely the first of the kind in Finland

Other influential figures to be mentioned from the 80’s to the new millennium are studio managers Timo Tuovinen and Seppo Myllyrinne as well as Olli Kykkänen who run the studio till the end of the Soundtrack era. When parting with the studio in 2010, he took the name Soundtrack and assigned it to a new establishment that is currently running in Porvoo.

Year 2010 brought another period of change. The studio was renamed E-studio after the specific appeal of the letter E to the new owner Sam Huber. The premises were fully renovated and the technical equipment renewed, but the sound of the great hall remained untouched. Jyri Riikonen took the wheel as the manager of the studio. And only the first few years have shown that legends are being written in the studio again.

The new era has begun!

Jyri Riikonen

Studio Manager
Recording, mixing engineer
p.+358 456399836

Niko Kangas

Sales and Reservations
p.+358 505443312

Joonas Turner

Videogame sounds, Recording, mixing engineer, studio assistent
p.+358 407304744


Pitäjänmäentie 33,
00360 Helsinki


Equipment List


4 x EV PL35
1 x EV Cardinal
1 x EV Raven
1 x EV RE20
2 x Neumann u89i
2 x Neumann km184
2 x Neumann kms105
2 x Neumann m147
2 x Neumann U87
1 x telefunken m80
4 x SM57
2 x SM58
2 x beta52
2 x akg451
3 x akg414
2 x MD421
2 x MD422U
2 x MD441
2 x 409 (stereopair)
3 x 509 (black fire)
3 x opus 87
1 x opus 99
2 x opus 53
1 x peluso p12
2 x Audio-technica At4033a
1 x Steffens 661c
2 x AEA R84

Sennheiser + beyerdynamic (various models)

Premier Gen-X (3x tom, snare ja kick),Zildjian Symbaalit (Sweet ride, A Custom Crash, K DarkCrash ja K Hi-Hat)

Vox ac30, MusicMan 212, Peavey pacer, Marshall MK2.


Keyboard AMPS:
Leslie, Dynacord ME2H Leslie,Hartke KM200

Fullsize Estonia Grand, Fazer upright Piano

Keyboards ja Electric Pianos:
Rhodes Mark 1, Wurlitzer A200, Hohner Clavinet, Korg A, Korg Poly 6,Moog Voyager.Rhodes MkII Suitcase model, Hammond B3

Control room E1

Dynaudio BM15A + sub, Genelec 1031A

Digital Recording System:
Pro tools HD3, 3x Digidesign 96, SSL APLHA Link, Pro tools 9 + plug-ins ( MassivePack 5, Antares vox pack, Waves. etc.), Logic Pro 9 + plug-ins

Studer A994, 48 channel Fully loaded with motorized faders,dynamics and total recall

Outboard Equipment:
SSL VHD PRE 4ch, Focusrite ISA428 PRE PACK ( 4 ch ), UA 6176 ( 1ch )
Urei LA4 x 2, TC M1 XL, Sony R7,Sony spx-90, EMT 140

Tape Machines:
Studer A800 16 Track
Studer A820 master recorder

Control room E2

Stereo Genelec 1030A, Avantone mixcubes, Stereo+ 5.1 Genelec 1019A+7070A sub

Digital Recording System:
Pro tools HDX, Avid HD I/O 16x16, Lynx Aurora 16, Pro tools 10 + plug-ins (MassivePack 5, Antares vox pack, Waves. etc), Logic Pro 9 + plug-ins, UAD-2 Quad, OmniSSL Duende)

3x SSL VHD PRE (12 ch)
2x neve portico 5012 (4 ch), Focusrite ISA428 PRE PACK (4 ch),
UA 6176 (1ch), Digitech VTP-1 (2 ch)

ICON D-Command ES 24 ch

Outboard Equipment:
SSL Xlogic G Series Comp,EMT 140, TC electronic System 6000 + icon remote, Drawmer 1961, Drawmer DL241, Drawmer MX 50 de esser, Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Joemeek Comp., SPX90, Lexicon PCM-42

Tape Machines:
Studer A820 master recorder