Joonas Turner


Music and Game Sound Producer


Joonas likes to wear many hats to cover his balding head, he does sound design, voice acting and music composing mainly for video games but he is not shy of any form of media. He also does game design and audio engineering, in his free time he plays in various bands and makes sculptures and drawings and other odd artsy stuff.


Already from a young age, making music with a computer appealed to him after seeing some older kids make music with tracker-software. After a few years he started live mixing smaller shows and producing demos for bands, eventually producing smaller albums and such. Alongside his interest in music, he was very keen on how video games were made and started learning that too. Eventually he got into a school focusing on sound for moving picture and taking his internship at E-Studio, not long after graduating he started his work at E-Studio.


These days Joonas’ work can be heard on multiple well known award winning games such as the Badland series, Nuclear Throne, Downwell, Broforce as well as his own game via E-Studio, Tormentor X Punisher.


Having a good understanding on what games are, how they work, what kind of a feel to go for and how to enhance the experience not only in a artistic manner but in terms of gameplay makes him the hot number in the telephone book.