Jyri Riikonen


Studio Manager, mixer, sound engineer and a music producer


Jyri Riikonen was born 1972 in Lappeenranta.


Jyri has been a musician, producer, recorder and a sound technician since the end of 80’s. Jyri began his career in music in the end of 80’s and beginning of 90’s in Lappeenranta’s virile music scene. As he moved to Helsinki in mid 90’s Jyri started as a producer and a sound engineer first as a freelancer and later as the house engineer in Seawolf Studios.


In 2005 E-Studio was founded and Jyri was hired as a Studio Manager. In 2010 E-Studio moved from Kaapelitehdas to Pitäjänmäki. The premises were preciously inhabited by the legendary Soundtrack-studios. Jyri’s career includes over 150 albums / singles, including “Et Ole Yksin” (double-platinum seller) by J.Karjalainen.