Niilo Takalainen


Game Sound Designer


Niilo Takalainen is a sound designer, voice actor and composer for video games. After a couple of years of fine-tuning his craft on sound effects he started composing game music. Now there is no turning back and he is enjoying the creation process of all aspects in soundscapes for video games.


Niilo started his journey into sound with guitar playing at the age of seven. A few years later, he started playing in bands and eventually went to study in a school that focused on sound for films and television. During his studies he was a trainee at E-studio where he learned more about music production and game audio. After graduating from school Niilo started working at E-studio.


Since then he has worked on several commercial games and gathered knowledge of all aspects of making video games. That knowledge is especially useful when creating moods and hints for players’ ears to support the game design and story.


In his free time Niilo enjoys jamming music and watching movies, going to parks and traveling.


Niilo’s work can be heard in award winning games such as Noita, Broforce, Bleed 2, Badland 2, Tormentor x Punisher, Environmental Station Alpha.