Petri Majuri


Producer, recording and mix engineer


Petri Majuri was born in Saarijärvi in 1965 and migrated to Helsinki in mid 80’s.


His career in music started in 1986 by selling records for Fazer Music in Levyforum from where, in the early 90’s, he transitioned to work as an apprentice for Musicmakers studio. In 1996 Petri co-founded the Seawolf Studios in Suomenlinna where he engineered records for 18 years. As an in house engineer for E-Studio he has worked since 2014.


Petri has been playing in bands since his youth and is best known for being the guitar player for Havana Black.


His work as a producer and recording engineer has resulted in multiple gold- and platinum selling records, roughly 500 albums and singles and over 300 mastered songs and albums. Petri has worked with countless artists, including Hanoi Rocks, Michael Monroe, Frans Ferndinand and Billy Cobham.