Game sound


Great video games don’t only need to look or feel good, they also need to sound good and that’s what we are here for, to make your video games sound like no other.

We provide fine sound design with deep understanding of the technology that runs under the hood. We also offer separate foley or voice acting possibilities, consultation, lectures and the possibility for big music recording and mixing sessions.


The video game department is run by Joonas Turner and Niilo Takalainen who have worked on numerous award winning and nominated games such as the BADLAND game series by Frogmind Games, Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer, Downwell by Moppin, Broforce by Free Lives, Noita by Nolla Games, Atomicrops by Bird Bath Games, ScourgeBringer by Flying Oak Games, Tormentor X Punisher by E-Studio and so on.