The studio is built with musicians and capturing their great musical performances in mind.


The building was designed and constructed as a recording studio without compromise. In the recording of orchestras, the acoustics of the space are of such importance that it can be regarded as one additional instrument in the music. With mobile acoustic panels, the reverberation of the live room can be adjusted to match the needs of any style of music.


The excellent acoustics of the studio were designed by Kimpi Huisman and the discreet visual look was designed by the architect Oona Masso.


Our warmhearted recording facilities are equipped with first-rate soundproofing via floating floors and booths. Modern and quiet air conditioning and big windows ensure lots of natural light in the working environment.

E-Studio has three control rooms


  • E1 Recording/Mixing


  • E2 Game Audio


  • E3 Mastering/Mixing


In conjunction with E1 There is also a main live room with three isolated booths (biggest booth is 30m2) which are spacious enough to even host an entire big band recording session. Huge windows from the E1 control room and the booths ensure clear view to the main live room.


The wiring in the studio is designed so that the musicians can enjoy the benefits of playing together in the main live room while still having their amps in the booths for isolation.



You can also cook at the studio


As well as first-class recording space, we offer our clients accommodation and a communal kitchen area with a stove, refrigerator, microwave oven and a dining table for all cooking needs. The kitchen area also offers an access to the patio with a beautiful countryside view.